Introducing Disaster Preparedness Courses into School of Nursing Curriculum

Case Study Submitted by: Manar Nabolsi, Dean School of Nursing, The University of Jordan
Country: Jordan


Disaster preparedness education programmes have been introduced to the University of Jordan nursing programs to assist with the training of countries nurses to participate in efforts to manage the impact that disasters have on the region.
Case study

The context:

Jordan is in a high-risk earthquake prone area that is also vulnerable to flash floods and landside in both populated urban areas and rural regions.

The impacts of climate change are felt heavily in this part of the world where hazards such as extreme drought devastates the region at regular intervals.

Jordan also has been a nation of refuge for people fleeing violence in neighbouring countries since the mid-twentieth century. However, the recent influx of over 600,000 refugees has placed the country essential services such as health care under significant strain.

The program:

The University of Jordan has introduced disaster preparedness into its Undergraduate and Postgraduate Nursing education programs. The aim of these additional education program is to prepare nurses to participate in the national efforts to prevent, mitigate, manage and recover from natural and human made disasters. To date 150 nursing students in the bachelorette position, 50 Masters students and 10 PHD students have attended the course. This is the first of its kind for the region and is supporting nurses working for international organisation providing services for Syrian refugees.

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