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Our 2019 aim

Nurses are essential in transforming health care and health systems such that no person is left behind, without access to care or impoverished because of their need for health care.

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Health for All

Health for All means not just the availability of health services, but a complete state of physical and mental health that enables a person to lead a socially and economically productive life.

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Case Studies

Here you will find nurse-led initiatives that push the boundaries and showcase the abilities, skills and knowledge of the nursing profession across the globe.

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Becoming a voice to lead means talking to governments, community leaders, policy makers and investors. Here you will find everything you need to campaign for access to heath and universal health coverage, and to provide the evidence you need to convince others that health is a human right. Use our resource and evidence pack, our video, our posters, or our social media banners to spread the word and use your voice to lead!

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